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Challenge #018 – Voting

Challenge #018 – Touch


  1. It’s Crystal Clear by yllimilly 


  1. The Game by ryuukokoro 


  1. Hanging Onto Hope by kazuko_99 


  1. Rolling Like a Stone by cheeky_eyes 


  1. How Strange by sefina_bear 


  1. Club by tai_kuroba 


  1. Touchy-Feely by obabscribbler 


To vote, pick your top three and put them in order of preference for which you think should win (first choice is worth three points, second choice is worth two points, and third choice is worth one point). When voting, please put in only the number, as this makes it easier to calculate results afterwards, and if you're not the one who posted the challenge, leave the challenger's vote box empty. From all this, the drabble with the most points at close of voting tomorrow will be announced and the winner will be notified via a PM. They will then have twenty-four hours to get the next challenge posted.

Happy voting!

Winner = How Strange by [info]sefina_bear 

[#18 - Touch] Hanging onto Hope

Challenge Name and Number: # 18, Touch
Title: Hanging onto Hope
Word Count: 329
Warnings (if applicable): None
Pairings (if applicable):  wellll none.
Summary: A few minutes ago, the only way Duke wanted to be touching Tristan was to smack him a couple times for being such an idiot. He never thought he’d be so grateful to be holding his hand.


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kaiba not taking blame

Challenge Post #18 - Touch

This week's prompt is Touch.

We as humans find the sense of touch to be integral for our emotional stability, and personally I always felt like it was an understated sense when it comes to many fic writings. We use it as a tactile sense to obtain information about the world around us. We take comfort from the presence of others who reach out to us. From an early age, the touch of our parents (or lack thereof) teaches us how to interact with others. Of course, not all touch is gentle, and Yu-Gi-Oh is shonen genre so there's plenty of fight scenes too! That counts! ;)

Challenge #18 is open until Thursday October 21st!

First time writers and newcomers to the community are always welcome! We love new faces! Please submit all entries as separate posts, not as replies to this post. Make sure to add your title and the challenge word and number to your post header as well, it just makes it easier for us readers.  And don't forget to add the appropriate tags for archiving purposes.

Further details can be found in User Info for the community.

Have fun, minna!