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[#002 - The Past] Sea Turtles

Challenge Name and Number:  The Past - #002
Drabble Title: 
Sea Turtles
Word Count: 
599 - according to my Word Processor
Warnings (if applicable): 
None to be thought of
Pairings (if applicable): 
Summary:  Admist the struggle between their parents, Joey treats his little sister, Serenity, to a little trip to the beach where she innocently compares the two of them to sea turtles.

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PL OC: Oscar Frown
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Challenge Name and Number: The Past, #002
Drabble Title: Forging New Family
Word Count: 348
Warnings (if applicable): Implied character death, fanon view of Rebecca’s family.
Pairings (if applicable): None
Summary: Arthur returned expecting to see an emotional child, what he found was Rebecca.

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YGO - Anzu/Yuugi fic come to life

#002 - The Past] Hush Little Baby

Challenge Name and Number: #002 - The Past
Drabble Title: Hush Little Baby
Word Count: 598
Warnings (if applicable): People have picked me up on theories about Yuugi's father and mother before, but I'm sticking to my guns: if it ain't written down somehwere, it ain't canon and is therefore open to interpretation.
Pairings (if applicable): Yuugi's parents?
Summary: Sugoroku and the night Yuugi was born. 



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Geek, and the Girl, Cards


Challenge Name and Number:#002, The Past
Drabble Title: Legacy
Word Count: 232
Warnings (if applicable): Mention of the Tomb Keeper's ceremony
Pairings (if applicable): None
Summary: For almost three thousand years, the scions of the Tomb Keepers have had to endure...

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[#002, The Past]: Ashes to Ashes

Challenge Name and Number: The Past, #002
Drabble Title: Ashes to Ashes
Word Count: 385
Warnings (if applicable): Mentions of the massacre of Kul Elna. And on a translation note: Haha-ue is a respectful term for mother, while Oyakata-sama means master, here referring to the head of a village.
Pairings (if applicable): None
Summary: Bakura is beginning to lose his hold on the past which he fights for.


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