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Challenge #011 - Voting and Winner

Challenge #011 – Lost and Found


1.       Cracking Masks by sam_cc 


2.       The Thing Is … by obabscribbler 


3.       Argumentum Ex Silentio by alecto_chan 


4.       Once Burdened  by sefina_bear 


5.       Rough Morning by ryuukokoro 


6.       One For the Other by pikashipper4eva 


7.       First Memories by tai_kuroba 


Winner = Rough Morning by ryuukokoro 


#11, Lost and Found, Rough Morning

Grawr, you have no idea how long I've sat in front of a blank white screen, trying to write something for this prompt. DAYS. >.< My brain keeps wanting to write something soft and fluffy! This prompt is so heavy for my current frame of mind, I'm terrified I didn't do it an ounce of justice. But anyway...

.....GAH nope, can't do it!! Rebellious brain, you win! This time. *throws out Bakura dark introspective paragraph and starts something completely different*

Challenge Name and Number: #11, Lost and Found
Drabble Title: Rough Morning
Word Count: 594
Warnings (if applicable): none
Pairings (if applicable): none
Summary: Recovering a memory can be painful for all parties involved.

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Bah, still not happy with any of this. But it's 6:30 am and I should really sleep and deadline is soon and today is Friday the 13th, am I jinxed? Note to self: rehaul later.
PL OC: Oscar Frown
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Challenge Name and Number: Lost and Found, #011
Drabble Title: Cracking Masks
Word Count: 567
Warnings (if applicable): None
Pairings (if applicable): References to one-sided Varon/Mai
Summary: The three men who Dartz had used in the past met together to talk, but one thing they did not talk about was Mai.

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throw the damn card
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Challenge Post - #011

Wow, thank you for the votes - I never suspected that Pegasus would slip past the Bakura juggernaut!

This week's prompt is Lost and Found.

Every character in Yugioh is defined by loss: Lost memories. Lost duels. Lost lovers, friends, parents, siblings, children. Lost souls. Lost eyesight. Lost sanity. Lost innocence. Lost opportunities.

And yet loss, though painful, isn't always a bad thing. Getting rid of misconceptions can allow us to see the truth about others; shedding fears and doubts and hatred can enable us to reach our full potential. ~ And of course there is also the joy of finding what was lost - whether it's a lost possession or a reason to live.

All entries welcome (yes, I'm talking to you too, you lurkers)! Please upload stories as separate posts (according to the community rules found in the profile page), not as replies to this one and remember to the mods will tag your post with the challenge number and prompt.

Challenge #011 is open until Friday, August 13th. Ganbatute, minna!