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Challenge #001 - Winner's Banner

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Challenge #001 - Voting and Winner

Challenge #001 – Friendship


1.       It’s The Little Things by cypsiman2


2.       Intervention by koi_no_soshan


3.       Limo Ride Home by sam_cc


4.       Choose Truth in Your Words by vicky_v


5.       Boys Will Be Boys by cheeky_eyes


Winner = Choose Truth in Your Words by vicky_v

Well done everyone! This was a great turn out for the first challenge!

Challange #001

Challenge Name and Number: 001: Friendship
Drabble Title: Boys Will Be Boys
Word Count: 370
Warnings: None
Pairings/Characters:  Anzu centric
Summary: Sometimes she wished she had more female friends.


It started with a challenge.

‘I claim that hotdog right there!’

Anzu sometimes wondered why she bothered. It was little things like this that made her long for some female company. Little male things like that which left her shaking her head and trying to shield her gender.

All things considering they weren’t that bad but open discussions involving motorbikes and breasts verses legs that were initiated before they realized she was still with them defiantly bought the lament on. Between Jonouchi’s heedless and brash comments, Otogi’s swamy smugness and Honda’s sheer maleness it was a wonder their group didn’t descend into total anarchy.  She guessed Ryou’s calm and Yugi’s gentleness rubbed off on them to a degree but it was never enough.

And after an endless night of noogies, burps, fights and video games of any consol and type it was times like that that made her wish there were other females around.

It evolved into a matter of life and death.

You guys do know you can let go of each other now right?’

 ‘Anzu, this is a matter of pride. That hotdog is mine! Hands off Honda!’

Although there were times when she should have been more specific as it may have been cute the first time Rebecca attached herself to her ‘darling,’ it had defiantly lost its edge the thousandth time it happened. It was kids like her that made her want older female company.

It shouldn’t be said that her life was completely devoid of other females, for school provided ample opportunities and even within the dueling circle there were others who tried to get the attention of the boys. Overenthusiastically in some cases as Anzu tried to suppress the memory of Vivian Wong. For it was girls like that who made her glad she didn’t have females friends because sure, the boys were loud, obnoxious, clueless and aggravating, but they were her loud obnoxious, clueless and aggravating boys.

And in the end that was what really mattered.

It ended as it usually did.

‘Otogi you can’t do that. I claimed it.’

‘Well if you and Honda hadn’t been fighting you would have heard my claim.’

‘Ah Jou, he does need to breathe you know.’

PL OC: Oscar Frown
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Challenge Name and Number: Friendship, #001
Drabble Title: Limo Ride Home
Word Count: 581
Warnings (if applicable): None
Pairings (if applicable): None
Summary: Mokuba wasn’t sure if they were friends or not, but it was raining after all.

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[#001, Friendship]: Intervention

Yay, a Yuugiou drabble community! It's great to see more contest communities in the fandom. A quick question: is cross-posting our drabbles allowed?

Challenge Name and Number: Friendship, #001
Drabble Title: Intervention
Word Count: 322
Warnings (if applicable): None
Pairings (if applicable): Rebecca and Anzu friendship
Summary: Sometimes they need a little reminder that they are, after all, friends.


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[Challenge Post - #001]

Hey everyone! Welcome to YGO Drabble.

For our first challenge, it seems appropriate to get the ball rolling with the thing everyone associates with YGO. No, not children's card games. Or 4Kids. Or cash cows. Or spin-offs prone to the law of diminishing returns. Nope, our first challenge is Friendship. All entries welcome (but please upload them as seperate posts according to the community rules, found in the profile page, not as replies to this one, and remember to put the challenge prompt as a tag to your post).

Challenge #001 ends on Wednesday May 19th. Happy writing!