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Heh this image implies the drabble is about his card not his nails

[#062, Crack] Subject #00

Challenge Name and Number: #062, Crack
Drabble Title:  Subject #00
Word Count: 600
Warnings (if applicable): Dark-ish
Pairings (if applicable): Avatarshipping (White Wizard Bakura x Change of Heart)
Summary: “All tombs come with a curse. Did you think this would be any exception?”
Author's Notes:  Features the ultimate crack-ship. AU, archaeologist!Ryou.

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  • darkmus

[#062, Crack] "Pants"

Challenge Name and Number: #062, Crack
Drabble Title: "Pants"
Word Count: 140 (according to GDocs)
Warnings (if applicable): Crack.
Pairings (if applicable): Puppyshipping (Seto Kaiba/Joey Wheeler)
Summary: Joey gets a pair of pants for his birthday.
A/N: I have no idea. Apparently, writing inappropriate puppyshipping drabbles is my new thing.

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YGO Drabble

[#062, Crack] Priorities

Challenge Name and Number: #062, Crack
Drabble Title: Priorities
Word Count: 599
Warnings (if applicable): Yami might be a wee bit OOC here.
Pairings (if applicable): None.
Summary: Yuugi is sleepy, Yami is vain. What else is new?
Author's Notes: Horribly inspired by That One Moment in the YGO Bonds Beyond Time movie, where my jaw dropped and I went, “Why does Yami have such perfect nails?”

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[#062 - Crack] Solar Flare

Challenge Name and Number: Crack, #062
Drabble Title: Solar Flare
Word Count: 592
Warnings: Probably won't make much sense if you haven't seen anything with the Eleventh Doctor.
Summary: Somewhere out there, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River are saving the whole of time and space. But Yami doesn't know that, he only knows that the world is ending. It shouldn't surprise him that Bakura's dark personality still seeks him out in the end. Coincides with the end of season 5 for the new Doctor Who series.

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YGO - VoaT-verse Yami!Anzu

[#62 - Crack] Fever Dreams

Drabble Name and Number: [#062 - Crack]
Drabble Title: Fever Dreams
Word Count: 599
Authors Note: Gawd, it has been ages since I wrote a drabble. Somewhat odd being back here, too, but I couldn't resist this prompt. This started out with Yuugi as the main character, but somehow Jounouchi worked his way in there instead. Randomness and he seem to walk hand in hand, no?
Summary: Jounouchi battles fanged kuribohs, horny monsters and voices from the sky - and all before breakfast.
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