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Here are our entries for the Celebration theme:
1. After School by ginnekomiko 

2. After Party by kurama_no_miko 

3. Small Triumphs  by hime_kohaku

4. Hallow Victory  by jay_kateel 

5.Fourth of the Way There by darkmus 

6.Lost and Found by duckspeakeasy 

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winner= Lost and Found by [info]duckspeakeasy


[#045, Celebration] Lost and Found

Challenge Name and Number: #045, Celebration
Drabble Title:
Lost and Found
Word Count:
Warnings (if applicable):
Pairings (if applicable):
Kind-of!Pixelshipping: Noa x Adina

Author's Note: Set after the Virtual World arc, but set within the Legendary Heroes game that Kaiba designed.
With great care he picked up pieces of himself that had been scattered or tossed aside and started to rebuild.


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Dean Dangerous!

[#45, Celebration] Fourth of the Way There

Challenge Name and Number: #045, Celebration
Drabble Title: Fourth of the Way There
Word Count: 172
Warnings (if applicable): Not really
Pairings (if applicable): None
Summary: Quarter-life crisis sucks.
A/N: I think this drabble isn't so great (>_>) but I like the idea of terriblyunsatisfied!playboy!Mokuba. I was going to write more, but it's not coming to me. May continue with gratuitous puppyshipping added later.

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YGO Drabble

[#045, Celebration] After Party

Challenge Name and Number: #045, Celebration
Drabble Title:
After Party
Word Count:
Warnings (if applicable):
Mentions of drunken Puzzleshipping PDA.
Pairings (if applicable):
Puzzleshipping (Shouldn't be a surprise by now, should it?)
Author's Note: This story came out a bit more crack-fic than I had anticipated when I first started writing it.  I've also set it in my humor/romance post-canon solid!Atem universe, the rest of which can be found here. Also, first time writing from Seto's perspective.
There was a reason why Kaiba Seto avoided the after parties.



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Challenge #045

Thank you all so much!  I'm so glad you enjoyed my story - I loved participating in this challenge, and I hope the next one is just as inspiring for all of you!

In honor of my recent birthday (and this wonderful surprise made it even better!) this week's theme will be "Celebration." It can apply to an occasion like a birthday or anniversary, a triumph or victory, a party, or anything else your mind can come up with! Throughout the series most of the characters celebrate something, so I hope you can find a way to make this prompt speak to you. It will be due on July 29th. Good luck, and I hope you have fun with it!