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Tangled// a modern day woman

Challenge [052]: Closed

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To vote, pick your top three and put them in order of preference for which you think should win (first choice is worth three points, second choice is worth two points, and third choice is worth one point). When voting via text box, please put in only the number,as this makes it easier to calculate results afterwards. Please don’t vote for yourself. If you're not the one who posted the challenge, leave the challenger's vote box (worth an extra point) empty. From all this, the drabble with the most points at close of voting tomorrow will be announced and the winner will be notified via a PM. They will then have twenty-four hours to get the next challenge posted.

Here are the writers and their entries:

1. darkmus' It Will Be Okay

2. ginnekomiko's The World of the Little God

3. kurama_no_miko's Moving On

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[#052, Blind Faith] Moving On

Challenge Name and Number: #052, Blind Faith
Drabble Title: Moving On
Word Count: 584
Warnings: post-canon, Blindshippy
Pairings: Blindshipping-ish. Nothing explicitly romantic, though.
Summary: Even if they couldn't have given him the send-off they'd wanted to, they'll always make time to remember him.
Author's Notes: According to wikipedia, the hieroglyph for Horus, the god associated with pharaohs, is a peregrine falcon. You'll see why it's important at the end.

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#52, Blind Faith- "The World of the Little God"

Challenge Name and Number: #052 Blind Faith
Drabble Title: The World of the Little God
Word Count: 600
Warnings:This is now very much an alternate reality. 
Summary: Noa explains the workings of his world and how he became a "God."
Author’s Note: A list of chapters can be seen here  Does anyone know how old Mokuba actually is in canon? Various places have given me different answers. 

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Mai & Jounouchi

Challenge #052

Thank you very much everyone! Although I honestly can't believe I won. You foiled my plan to not have to write one of these posts for this week. haha But thank you. <3

Yugioh has many themes of trust. Trust in your friends, trust in yourself, trust in your cards. Sometimes that trust is founded, and sometimes you have nothing better to go on than your gut instinct. So for this week, the challenge theme will be "Blind Faith".

This week's challenge is due Monday, October 10th. Good luck everyone and have fun writing!