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Challenge #031 - Voting

I have never had so much trouble with this feckin' thing before. I claim either temporary ineptitude or permenant idiocy.

Challenge #031 – Back


  1. In the Shadow of the Pharaoh’s Back by kok_18
  2. Gettin' a Piece of that Bubble by darkmus
  3. Every Time A Shop Bell Rings by obabscribbler
  4. A World Away by made_in_wonder
  5. Not Ready To Go Back by charpagne
  6. The Journey Home by ladybastet92
  7. Licorice by yllimilly
  8. In the Back of Seto's Mind by siliasram_lj



To vote, pick your top three and put them in order of preference for which you think should win (first choice is worth three points, second choice is worth two points, and third choice is worth one point).


When voting, please put in only the number, as this makes it easier to calculate results afterwards. I shouldn’t really need to say it, but please don’t vote for yourself.


If you're not the one who posted the challenge, leave the challenger's vote box (worth an extra point) empty.


From all this, the drabble with the most points at close of voting tomorrow will be announced and the winner will be notified via a PM. They will then have twenty-four hours to get the next challenge posted.

Happy voting!

  • darkmus

[#031, Back] Gettin' a Piece of that Bubble

Challenge Name and Number: Back, #31
Drabble Title: Gettin' a Piece of that Bubble
Word Count: 270 (My longest drabble to date!)
Warnings (if applicable): None that I can think of. I guess... I use the "b" word. Hope that's okay. :p
Pairings (if applicable): Duke/his cheerleader
Note: I have other ideas for other drabbles with this prompt (will post if I get to writing them), but this one grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Hope you like it! 8DDD
Summary: He couldn't deny it.

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[#031, Back] In the Shadow of the Pharaoh's Back

Challenge Name and Number: Back, #31
Drabble Title: In the Shadow of the Pharaoh’s Back
Word Count: 241 (not counting this bit)
Warnings (if applicable): N/A
Pairings (if applicable): N/A
Author's note: Because I thought this fit best, and I’m posting early because I have no time to post it later.
Summary: He would always be two steps behind the Pharaoh.


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Challenge #031 - Back

Hello, everyone! The new challenge prompt is Back, because I am a huge fan of the abstract, as some of you know. :)

For example, you can have a character come back from the dead or the Shadow Realm or a trip! You can write about the back of a book or the back of a card or Malik's back! A back massage, or even an erotic back massage!

However, if you find yourself straying into the realm of that last idea or want to refresh your memory, please remember to read the

The deadline for the challenge is Sunday, February 27, 2011.
(And if I have the date completely wrong, please tell me xD)