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ygodrabble's Journal

Yu-Gi-Oh Drabble Challenge
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No-pressure drabble challenge community for fans of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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In the great spirit of KH Drabble and other challenge communities like it, welcome to YGO Drabble, the fanfic challenge for writers who love the anime/manga Yu-Gi-Oh!

Basic premise: Every week a new prompt will be issued and challengers can reply with drabbles based on it. At the end of the week I’ll gather all the entries together and open voting will commence to pick a winner from the bunch. The winning participant will receive a banner to display on their LJ or webpage. They will then get to pick the next prompt, and so on and so forth, as we all work together to form the great circle of life ...

... wait, wrong movie.

Rules, Regs and Really Quite Important Stuff

1. All entries are accepted as long as they remain within the word limit (no more than six hundred maximum). I'm aware strictly speaking a drabble is just a hundred words, but for purposes of this community, six hundred is the limit.

2. Since this is a new community and an even newer-to-the-gig mod, for ease of archiving it's sticking to the original YGO: Duel Monsters anime for the time being.

3. Put your entry under an LJ-cut. No fake cuts please! I archive every entry here and if your journal goes kaplooey, so does the entry your fake-cut leads to, and we lose all the ficcy goodness to the internet gnomes.

4. Each drabble entry should be preceded by this vital info:

Challenge Name and Number:
Drabble Title:
Word Count:
Warnings (if applicable):
Pairings (if applicable):

5. Be kind to your readers! Honest mistakes are all very well, but laziness is as laziness does – and laziness is lame! Spell-check and grammar-check, people.

6. Love is love, so het, yaoi, yuri, or plain ol’ genfics are all welcome. However, if you do win a challenge and find yourself in charge of the prompt for the next one, don’t come up with anything deliberately adult.

7. It shouldn’t really need to be said, but just in case, all drabbles need to be connected to YGO and in response to the prompt of the current challenge (so if the challenge prompt this week is ‘teapot’ then all drabbles must be in the YGO fandom and have something to do with teapots). Plagiarism is, obviously, NOT ALLOWED!

8. All challenges run for one week. There is some flexibility to this in case of extenuating circumstances (mod abducted by aliens, fewer than three participants, major power outtage in New York that breaks the Internet, zombie attack etc.) but we'll aim for a week per challenge, with a turnaround of one day for voting and for the winner to get the next prompt up. Voting for your own entry is NOT ALLOWED and will result in disqualification of your drabble. Likewise voting for the same drabble more than once (unless you are the challenger) will result in your votes being discounted.

9. Put the challenge number (e.g. #001) and prompt (e.g. teapot) in the tags for your entry for ease of acces and searching later. LikEwise if you win and write the next challenge post. It makes it easier for me to catalogue everything.

10. Most importantly, enjoy yourself! We’re all here because we’re fans who love something, so keep it friendly and have a blast.

Any questions, queries or quibbles to me, obabscribbler.


Enter next time for the chance to win your own banner!
Challenge Prompt - Time Travel

Past Winners (and links to all other entries) can be found here


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