We have a tie for #103 Parallels. Can someone else please vote and break it?

Voting for #103 Parallels
Voting will go through the weekend, or until we have a reasonable number of votes. Writers for the prompt may not vote for themselves.

This poll is closed.

Which entry for #103 Parallels?

Apology by Rose_of_Pollux
Businessmen by Insaneladybug
Tanks by Hergan416

Last call for #103 Parallels
We finally have another entry for the intriguing Parallels prompt! If anyone else would like to write something for it, please either do so or tell me here that you want to. Otherwise, we are moving to voting with our three entries.

Tanks (#103 - Parallels)
Challenge Name/Number: #103--Parallels
Drabble Title: Tanks
Word Count: 268
Warnings: violence against children, warzone, abuse
Pairings: none
Summary: "Ten and five. Things like this should not happen at ten and five."

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Prompt #103 - Parallels reminder
Tomorrow night is the deadline for further entries in the #103 - Parallels prompt. Several of you expressed interest in reviving the comm and presumably writing for it, so now is the time to show it! :)

Alright, writers.
Anyone who is interested in getting this comm going again (and hasn't already written for the prompt), your prompt is still our current one, #103 - Parallels. That is an excellent prompt and can be used so many ways with our beloved YGO characters. Fics are due two weeks from today, on June 6th. Good luck!

Are we ready to write again yet?
I actually meant to post this sooner, but it's been pretty crazy the last months. And I was thinking that this community had previously performed the most during Northern Hemisphere summer months, but a long trip through the past year's posts showed me that we were pretty active all through January of 2015 up until September. Then everyone seemed to disappear.

So ... has everyone had a good break? This community has consistently churned out some of the best and most intelligent and insightful YGO stories around. I would love to see it happen some more. Who's on board?

It's been a couple months.
I know people are busy - I just want to know if anyone's lurking around, since the last prompt given didn't have a vote.

Challenge #103 reminder
Okay guys, technically the prompt Parallels ends tonight, but so far we only have two entries! Is anyone else going to be joining in?

Businessmen (#103, Parallels)
Challenge Name and Number: #103 - Parallels
Drabble Title: Businessmen
Word Count: 600
Warnings (if applicable): None
Pairings (if applicable): None
Summary: Duke and his store manager (from episode #46) after a long day at work.

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