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#104 Winner and New Prompt
insaneladybug wrote in ygodrabble
I'm going to go ahead and end the voting since it looks like most of the usual voters have turned out by now (and because I hoped to get a new prompt rolling before Halloween). My story, Another Life, Another Me has been given the most votes and I thank you so much!

I think it would be nice to do something spooky for the season (even though there's so little of it left, **sniffle**). Therefore, Prompt #105 will be Cemetery. Is someone visiting the cemetery? Does the story involve the Card Graveyard? Is it spooky? Sad? Peaceful? It's all up to you!

Stories will be due by Thursday, November 10th.

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I don't think I'm going to have time to do this one, even late. Just as a heads up.

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