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Card Game (#104 - Universe Alterations)

Challenge name: #104- Universe Alterations
Drabble title: Card Game
Word count: 450 words
Pairings: none
Summary: A card game between two rivals in a universe unlike the usual one.

"I summon 'The Gamer Boy' in attack mode and end my turn!"
His opponent glanced at the puny monster being summoned and laughed diabolically. "Kukuku-hahaha! That's the monster you summon? It's pathetic! Now it's my turn to show you how it's done! My turn! I draw one card and..." The white haired teenager perused his cards with sharp eyes. "I summon 'The Blue Eyed CO' in attack mode! Battle! CO, DESTROY his pathetic Gamer with your almighty Power Glare! You're finished!"

Mahad smiled slightly. "Not so fast! 'The Gamer Boy' has an effect that activates when you declare an attack." Now it was he that looked through his hand. "If I have 'The Dancer Girl', 'The Lucky Boy' and 'The Sharpshooting Boy' in my hand, I can sacrifice them to the Graveyard..."
"So what!" His opponent rose from his chair and slammed his fist into to table. "Gamer still can't compare to the might of my CO! CO atta-"
"I am not finished yet" said Mahad and wiggled his index finger in front of his face teasingly. "When the monsters are in the Graveyard I can special summon 'Pharaoh of Games' to the field."
"You know what is going to happen." A short, regal figure appeared next to Gamer Boy and glared with blazing red eyes at the opponent. "As long as 'Pharaoh of Games' is on the field 'The Gamer Boy' can not be destroyed and all attacks gets redirected to the Pharaoh."
His opponent gasped and shouted "NO!"
"Yes!" Mahad stood up and declared:
"Pharaoh! Protect your friend and finish this game!"

The glaring attack of the CO collided with the shining golden brightness of the Pharaoh's in a swirl of lights.
"NO!" shouted his opponent and fell back into his chair.
The CO erupted in a shattering of shards.
The game was over.

"You were close this time" said Mahad a few minutes later as they were collecting their cards. "But you always forget the Gamer's effect."
"That card's broken," his opponent spat.
Mahad was just about to retort when a small, white haired girl entered the classroom.
"Cousin Akefia! Did you steal my favorite card again?"
His opponent, Akefia, began to sweat. "'Course not, Kisara! I'm not a thief, am I?"
Muhammad looked on in silent amusement as the girl that reached the small teenager's shoulder in height kept insisting "you always steal my CO! Give him back!" and "you promised my mom to watch me after school - so come on! Please?"
Akefia was dragged by the hand out of the room by Kisara. Alone, Mahad gazed down at the last card left on the table.
"Thank you, my Pharaoh" he whispered, smiling.

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