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Prompt #104 reminder
insaneladybug wrote in ygodrabble
Technically our prompt Universe Alterations was supposed to end last night, but I left it open both because of busyness and to see if any more entries would collect. I know a lot of writers like AUs or "Everything's the same except ..." type stories, so it would be great to see some more wonderful entries roll in to join our others! It will get kind of awkward long-term if it's exclusively the same three people writing stories for each prompt and being voted on, after all. ;)

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I do hope we get more entries. It is kinda weird to be the only 3

By this point, I honestly kind of doubt it. But some of our people prefer Tumblr, so maybe I'll have to try reaching out there again and see what happens.

What is your tumblr handle? I can reblog it

Thanks! I haven't had the chance to do it yet, but you could check in every now and then to see if I have. It's Lucky-Ladybugs-Lovelies. I'll try to do it either tonight or tomorrow.

Sounds good. I'll keeo an eye out for it

Hey i think this might be all we get, should we move to voting?

I think you're right, and that leaves me very confused and a little concerned. I really do wonder how we'll handle it if you, I, and Rose are consistently going to be the only ones writing and getting voted on now. Yet I don't want to stifle any creativity on your or Rose's parts by giving up completely. I'm wondering if we should eliminate the voting aspect and, say, alternate you, me, and Rose coming up with a prompt every couple of weeks. Maybe I should ask the comm what they want to do about it and have a poll, since they do seem to get active enough to vote on things.

Well we did get a fourth entry. So there was that.

Oh, we did?! Wonderful! I'll look.

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