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Another Life, Another Me (#104 - Universe Alterations)
insaneladybug wrote in ygodrabble
Challenge Name and Number: #104 - Universe Alterations
Drabble Title: Another Life, Another Me
Word Count: 600
Warnings (if applicable): I've ... sort of inverted a fanon trope.... And it really doesn't work too well being squeezed into 600 words. I'll definitely have to tinker with this approximate idea in a longer fic later....
Pairings (if applicable): It's more of a non-pairing? Non-Seto/Serenity....
Summary: What if Serenity was present in the Memory World and felt a connection to Kisara?

By Lucky_Ladybug

Serenity frowned as she stood, hesitating, in front of KaibaCorp.

It had shocked her beyond belief when she had gone with Yugi, Joey, and the others to witness scenes of ancient Egypt. She had seen a mysterious woman with long blue hair that she had been strangely drawn to. Later she had learned that woman was named Kisara and that she had a deep connection with the person in ancient Egypt who looked like Kaiba.

Serenity could not shake the feeling that she and this Kisara were connected in some way, either by lineage or reincarnation. The thought of the latter explanation particularly troubled her. If she was, in essence, Kisara born into this modern day, didn’t that mean that she was supposed to have a connection with Kaiba, and he with her?

She really didn’t want that to happen. Tristan and Duke were both interested in her and she intended on choosing one of them. Seto Kaiba intimidated her to no end. He helped when things were bad, but he seemed to have a bad attitude about everything, especially her brother. She couldn’t see herself ever strongly associating with someone who had never liked and probably never would like Joey. Still, because of the scenes she had witnessed alongside Kaiba, she felt that she needed to speak with him about them at least once. Perhaps he should have made the first move, but he hadn’t, and she had the feeling that he probably wanted to deny things as much as she did. She would have to be brave and do this.

She had just gathered the courage to walk inside when she had to step aside as the door opened and Kaiba walked out. He stiffened as he noticed her. Yes, what they had seen had certainly been on his mind as well as hers.

“What are you doing here?” he frowned.

She had been practicing in her mind what she would say. To her relief, the words came out much as she had rehearsed. “I-I thought we needed to talk … about what we saw.”

“What difference does it make?”

You’re not making this easier! she cried in her mind. Aloud she said, “That girl that looked like me, and the guy who looked like you … they had some kind of a bond.”

“That was three thousand years ago,” he pointed out. “Those people aren’t you and I.”

“After everything, you’re still doubting?”

“That has nothing to do with my point. Egypt was a different time and place. Even if that priest was who I was in that time, he isn’t who I am today.”

She started to relax in relief. “So you don’t think we should … well, get together because of what happened back then?”

He gave her a look that said that was the most idiotic idea he had ever heard. “We aren’t the least bit interested in each other. We have our separate lives and nothing in common other than the fact that we watched an ancient movie reel together.”

She broke into a smile. “I’m so glad. I didn’t want to have to change my whole life because of Kisara.”

“You have the option to have a happier life than she did,” he said. “Take it. Live your life the way you want, the way she didn’t have a choice to. If you let her story rule over you, you’ll be condemning yourself to the same unhappiness she had.”

“That makes sense,” she said. “Thank you.”

He walked past, not acknowledging her gratitude. But she didn’t care. She had what she wanted.

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I like this concept. The growth you show Seto having is astounding. I really like you have him come to accept what hapened but still move forward and be himself. You are right it is hard to fit in 600 words though. But once you get the premise down it flows really well!!

Thank you so very much! I'm glad you feel it flows well.

I think Seto still doesn't quite accept it, since he says "even if ..." etc. But he's at least to the point where he's forced to acknowledge that it's possible. And you're right, I can't imagine him ever getting stuck in the past/being chained by "destiny," no matter what he finds out about Egypt.

Many good reasons given here for why Seto/Serenity just wouldn't work, but the biggest thing is definitely the way he treats her brother, and she wouldn't accept that one bit.

Seto's matter-of-fact-ness in this is definitely my favorite part. Classic Kaiba.

I think you did pretty well given the word restriction!

Totally. I've always been puzzled as to how people try to make the pairing work with that little problem. I suppose there's some good fics addressing it out there somewhere, because it couldn't possibly work without some form of addressing it.

Indeed. His dialogue was easy to write.


I love this! I thought it was really original to have them both have a connection to the past or through reincarnation - and then realize that they don't have to act on it, that they can make other choices and be happier in those choices.

I loved Kaiba here - even in his duel with Isis in the manga, he isn't so much rejecting the idea that Isis can see the future as much as the idea that anything in life is fore-ordained. This really reminded me of him saying then that his only destiny was the one he chose. And I really liked the way that helped Shizuka and helped her realize she could have any future she wanted regardless of anything from the past.

Thank you so much! I was thinking about how some Seto/Serenity fans have Serenity as a Kisara reincarnation just to further their desire for a pairing and I thought it would be fun to invert the idea.

Seto's determination to fight against the idea of "destiny" is definitely one of my favorite things about him. I'm glad you liked how I depicted him here!

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