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[#050, Time Travel] Earning His Keep
(CITRON) where it begins and ends
halfthewords wrote in ygodrabble
Challenge Name and Number: #050, Time Travel
Title: Earning His Keep
Word Count: 607
Warnings: N/A
Pairings: Vague Citronshipping (Thief King Bakura/Malik)
Summary: There's one more thing Bakura needs from Malik. With a little guilt-tripping, anything's possible.


As the sun began to set, atop the eastern cliffs, Malik, Bakura and his mercenaries watched the last of the war barges make its way down the Nile, south towards Thebes.

"You've missed your chance," Malik muttered.

Bakura's eyes drifted from the barge, where faint victorious cheering could be heard, to the small flecks of flame that made up the mob at the water's edge. The uprising had been staged by Ay and Ankhesenamun and though they hadn't known it, real assassins had lurked among them. He knew the people that made up the rebels, the beggars and the men whose wealth once depended on the the city, had been instructed to take hostage the Prince, but they were not to spill the Sacred Blood. And all so that Ay could bear down on the city with his standard raised and proclaim himself the hero of the hour.

"This was but one opportunity. More will come." Bakura threw a glance to his men. Seeing their exhaustion, he dismissed them.

Once they were gone, he unstrapped his leather belt and knives, and tossed them over the edge of the cliff.

"I don't suppose you're thinking of doing the same with yourself."

Bakura grunted. "Now isn't the time."

"So when is the time?" Malik questioned. "Once the Prince is crowned, the security surrounding him will be doubled, and you will be recognised after tonight. You killed at least eight of their shield-bearers."

"Better that they know who's coming for his life. I make no secret of my identity. As for the Prince's guard, that's where you are useful." Bakura turned abruptly, and he caught the look of alarm on Malik's face, switching to a new tactic: "For your treason, you are a marked man. If not for me, you would be dead."

"I have done you enough favours to warrant a lifetime of leniency by now," Malik said warily.

"True," Bakura said after a brief silence. "But you will help all the same."

He felt the tension between them rise.

"What am I meant to do?"

Bakura snorted. "It's not what you can do, boy. It's what you know."

Malik started fingering the gold bracelets around his upper arm, a nervous habit that Bakura took some satisfaction in. Malik worked better under pressure, when some threat to either himself or his family was present.

"I told you what I know."

"You told me what I wanted to hear," Bakura corrected him, scowling. He stalked forward and grasped Malik by the shoulders, noting the slight fear that crossed his face. "The Prince. When will they coronate him?"

"It will be soon," Malik retorted, trying to fight the hold on him, but Bakura did not falter. "They are trying to restore Ma'at after Akhenaten's madness."

"Keep talking."

Malik growled, "The sooner Egypt has a new royal couple, the better for it to return to the old ways. It is common knowledge; even you must know this."

Ignoring the jab, Bakura stared at Malik intently. "And what of the City?"

"The City of the Aten will most likely be left to rot. All traces of Akhenaten's reign will be erased," Malik said, his eyes going to the city below them. "Thebes will be the new capital."

"And how well do you know the Malkata Palace?"

It was obvious Malik knew where the conversation was headed, for he stopped struggling. "As well as you know the desert."

Bakura let go of Malik, and his laughter was raucous enough that his men, a hundred yards away, looked up from saddling their horses.

"Then Thebes is where we are called!"


Notes: So, obviously, this fic is set in an AU universe. I've uprooted YGO canon and placed it into the end of the 18th Dynasty, a period in which Egypt knew one god, the Aten, and a man named Akhenaten turned Egypt on its head.

This drabble is part of a much longer fic I've been working on for a while - a crossover between YGO and a book called An Evil Spirit Out of the West. Prior reading of the book is not necessary to understand this. I hope. XD

1) Bakura's cause is similar to the one in canon, but there are no Sennen Items. His people were still massacred.

2) If it wasn't clear, Malik is/was a noble in Akhenaten's court who is now on the wrong side of the tracks. XD

3) At this point of the story, Akhenaten has gone into hiding/is presumed dead, and Tutankhamun is set to inherit the throne with his half-sister Ankhesenamun as his wife.

4) The City of the Aten is modern day Amarna. :D

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Oh man, you've made me so curious about this universe (There will be more, right? RIGHT???) I love the way they talk to each other here; it has just the right amount of 'foreign/old' feeling to match the setting without being alienating.

And the part about the tension between them :'D They're both wonderfully exotic and dangerous.


THERE WILL BE MORE! I'm just um-ing and ah-ing about whether to put the AE fic out first, or another one. Is there such a thing as too much Citron? ;A; AND THANK YOU, I did worry that the language was maybe a bit heavy-handed.

Aren't they just. *g* I'd love to be in Malik's position, to be honest. ;D

Oh jeez. Where can I read the full story XD? This seems like it'd be such a great action epic. Also, I adore your Thief King.

XD I can buzz you when I end up posting it? The first chapter should be out in a week or so! It's taken ages to plot/get the details right. :D; Thank you; I always have trouble writing him! He has so many sides to him, even one can be hard to pin down...

--sorry for late reply, I don't get on livejournal often enough--
I'd love to be informed when it comes out, but don't feel obligated to do so! Thanks if you do let me know, though X)

You had me at "Thebes". The flavour of the narrative was fantastic, and I loved the detail of Bakura throwing his knives off the cliff. And the detail about Malik working better under pressure. And the staged danger to Atem. And Bakura in general.

Oh damn. I loved the whole thing okay? XD If you wrote a full one-shot of this, I would NOT complain.

Well done! This was a fantastic read!

Thank you so much! I've tried to make this drabble and the fic it's set in as accurate to history as I can. XD; The whole fic will overall be around 20 chapters, so not quite a one-shot, but it will exist!

Thank you again!

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